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The memory of Nobby

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Makes Me Grin Makes Me Laugh Too
Makes Me Sad Makes Me Blue
When I Remember Nobby Who
Danced A Jig For Me And You
To See The Smiles Of Nobby Styles At Wembley

I Weren't No Football Fan Till He
A Dwarf Came Dribbling, On Tv
Mesmerized By The Mastery Of Wee Nimble Nobby
Just A Dream It All Seemed So Far Away
The World Cup Theme, And Nobby's Team Both Play

Nobby, In Our Memory
Hear Them Yell And Hear Them Call
Nobby, In Our Memory
Hear Them Bellow And Hear Them Roar
Ooooooohh, The Memory, Of Nobby Lives On

We Stayed Home That Day To See England Vs Germany
Always In The Memory, The Soccer Styles Of Nobby
To Feel The Thrills From His Skills, Was Uncanny
Nobby Still, Sends A Chill Through Me
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