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Queen Alexandra road

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She Was At A Party I Was Stuck At Home
I Was Not Invited So She Went On Her Own
I Will Not Be Long Now This Is What She Said
I'm Stood Waiting For Her I Must Be Off My Head

Queen Alexandra Road Is Where She Said She'd Be
But Was She There To Meet Me? No Chance
I Was Going To Land Her A Thump When I See Her You See
She's Forgotten About Me

It Was Well Past Midnight She Still Dug The Groove
I Just Stood There Freezing I Couldn't Even Move
She Will Soon Get Sick Now Want To Go Back Home
There Was No Sign Of Her I Should Have Known

Oh Rigamortis Set In, I Was A Block Of Ice
I'd Even Missed The Late Film Starring Vincent Price
Two O'clock She Turned Up, Have You Been Waiting Long?
She Looked Into My Eyes Sweetly, I Said Not That Long
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