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Let Me Try

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I am down, the people are standing around me
I am down, but I can still breathe
I am down, my sight runs the dalles
I am dead, it sounds so easy

What is it all the people are saying?
I do my best but I can´t hear

She is done here
I see her leaving
Let me try

I have left the place already
Why all the people don´t go too

The leaves are falling down
The ground wants them all in it's arms

It is worse than I thought

Pull back, before my fire reaches you
Get back, take your feeling with you
Pull back, and don´t come back anymore
I am dead, yeah I am dead

What is it all the people are saying?
I did my best but I didn´t hear

I am gone now
I saw myself leaving
Even thou, I tried

Try, all have left the place already
Try, but I am still here, can´t move

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