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Texty písní P.O.D. - Payable on Death Brown Selah


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kick down the teeth of the wicked creep, undaground,
where I stay hid lurk down the alleyways,
you be stalk'n me behind back talkers, cowards be mock'n me,
try to make me talk, make me confess,
cant break a brotha down,
when there's no fear of death filled within the light,
so you cant stans the sight of me,
the sight of me next to the conquerin' lion, at his right I be,

step up punks, get rushed, you can't touch me,
braced in your word, I say, I have no fear
step up punks, get rushed, you can't touch me,
sheltered by your blood, your sweat, your tears

I be in your face, state my case, even if you took me out,
there's another to take my place, you waste,
prisoners in your pride, you can never kill me off,
I got too much life in the inside,
kill me, beat me, break my bones, already gave up my life,
you'll never have my soul, give credit to the one,
who paid for your crimes, suffer for his name, and I'll die for mines



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