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Come And Take My Hand

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I'm lookin' for some comfort, someone to soothe my pain
I'm taken by the notion, true love can feel no shame;
So in my desperation, it seems I've been decieved
The tempting hand of pleasure has made a fool of me

An invitaion is written in my name
A little voice inside I cannot explain
His invitation gently knocks at my heart's door
I don't know what on Earth I could be waiting for

Come & take my hand
To the promised land
You will understand
Come & take my hand Come go with me

You know I'm covered with forgiveness so now I'm not alone
He walked me through the valley& made his house my home
So tell me that you're willing, I want to take you there
His gates are always open, His hand is always near

An invitation is written in your name a little voice inside yu cannot explain
His invitation gently knocks at your heart's door
I dont' know what on Earth you could be waithng for


Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
I dreamed a scene was placed before me, a vision I adore
Mine eyes have seen the glory & He took me as I was
He said come with me my child & taste a greater love



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