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My Agony, My Ecstasy

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Gorge in my darkness, for all to laugh at me. My undying love, that you hold in chains. Bound by reality, controlling my every thougt. Visions of your beauty, deep in my memory. Please try to forgive me. The pain always returns. Yesterdays smile is tomorrows tears. Oh God, What have I done? Our love together was strong. A bond between two souls. Lost within my slumber. Tonight I sleep alone. My mind no longer lusts, My heart no longer loves. Half my life is gone from me. A mistake I must endure. Containing my emotions, from time we spent alone. Surrender to my past, live with a false sense of pride. Every time I close my eyes I yearn the sweet scent of you Always remember the love we made and cherish It's silent beauty The softness of your touch, the warm glow of your skin Is in my every fantasy. Your velvet lips upon my neck will release my torture inside.
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