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Stay the Course

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Stay the course
Unregarded what the others think
Follow through your goals
Stay the course
Be impassive what all the others want
Go your own way

Stand focused, stay strong

Stay the course
And regardless what the critics say
Seek your golden road
Stay the course
Be hard and fast
Reach out, achieve your goals
Chase your own dreams

Stay faithful, prolong

Veils that cover the sacred treasures
That no one dares imbibe
Those proclaiming different views
Were long ago proscribed
I should warn you, it's deadly to abide
Instead I taught you to bow and toe the line

Fear is what you breathe
Guidance what you need
For all the chances you will never see
Trust in me

Notice the anomalies
Erase them from your memory

Fight dismay
Deny the disarray
Just keep them far away from you and fight
With all your might

Stay the course
Show no remorse
Terminate all that deters

Veils that cover the sacred treasures...

I should warn you to never compromise
Instead I want you believing the disguise
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