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Chrome's On It

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Here we go
Feel these notes
Falling down
Falling up
We're coming out,
On the real side,
On the real side

I can feel the real bang bang
I can do the real thang thang

First you gotta know my name
Then you gotta learn the game
Keep the fire started
Take the tired martyr out
Like a diver's saddle
Bring back the sharpest battle
Infilrate the ...
Sing on desire's straddle
Let's snap to the beat
Turning up the fire's heat
Clear the honor streets
Honor is a battle with many bleeps
Honor is a battle with many bleeps
Honour is a battle with many

We gonna take it over like my mother on a roll
I'm gonna roll it over with his clothes on her
Think outside the box
Clean up those motherfuckers
Just don't shop the lust
Don't stop without a fuss
Now we gonna run this game
Living up to our names
Playing with the same thangs
Leaving the Jesus name behind
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