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You're the lowest form of life you don't deserve to
Take another breath in
This world.
Your perverted mind will bring you down to this.
She's barely 10 years old.
You're fucking sick!
Kill yourself suicide.
It's about time you fuckin' die.
Kill yourself suicide.
Kill yourself suicide.

You've got a sick mind with no problem kidnap a
Little girl tie her up and
All that.
Built a secret room to hide her from the world.
Normal guy with a normal job.
And I'm the only one disturbed?

Never thought you'd be caught everything
Leads back to you underneath.
The tv was a room they found it too kill yourself.
Kill yourself I got the feeling that it's time.
You die!

Crucify yourself with a rusty nail or get fucked
Up in a prison cell.
Raping children of their innocence hope you get
What you deserve fuckin' quick!
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