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In the House of the 7 Dead

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Hail Jesus
God Forgive Peter Kurten
He was basically a nice boy
Love your Fellow as much as
samwney beane
Live in love and Fresh Flesh
When the wind spells the
name they pocess the wind
give'em wine Freshbread
Grand ma' like John Haigh
Let swim into acid
After having pushed candles
Through her eyes
Give Jane Doe her last kiss
7,65 adequate
You're a nice chap
What is Kuno doing with a shovel.
The same thing that doc Karl Berg
With a scalpel
Let's go to Galloway!!!
Let's go to Wurzburg!
Let's go to the Flensburg morgue
I WANT you I WANT you I WANT you
Enjoy the only good party
Where nobody talks
In a morgue
Seven dead! DARK LORDS!
Enjoy the party! BLOODLET!
It's Fucking Funny
To love a dead, Fuck a dead
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