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So, Return To The King Or Exile Yourself From..

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Dear God, I have control over this
Do you honestly think that I care?
Forgive me, I'm committed,
and this is the reason that I'm still here

You can say what you want to say,
but my names been on your lips,
and your eyes on me, like you got it all figured out...

Get off the ground, take a look around
You're running your mouth like I run this town
Like you got it all figured out, like you got me all figured out...

I am the one you fear,
I am the one chasing you in your nightmares
Don't be surprised by the look in my eyes
that I'm completely drained of fear
Call the cops, they can't protect you,
there'll be no murder weapon left at the scene
Torn apart, they can't collect you,
this is my warning no one is safe

I wash my hands with the blood of weak men
Don't act like you'll forget my name
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