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Break it down
Break it further down
Here we go...
I've gotsa tape your mouth shut
hope you like it good
if the woodpeckers bite your eyes out
I could care less but that's
all in the past for me
I've made my peace with the lord y'see

I want my mustache to grow (x3)
cool little buddy back out on the money buddy
I want my mustache to grow (x3)
but only on one side!
we're gonna live forever in this house (x2)
Up the stairs
down stairs
we're gonna live forever in this house
you take the living room
I'll take the bedroom
cause we're gonna live forever in this house

I feel good I feel energized
I feel like takin on the world tonight
I feel like everlasting... bootycakes!

I don't wanna go to china
unless its a c-h-i-n-a c-h-i-n-a type a place


you dont understand me
I gotta boop e doop soopy doopy koo boo boo boop chi boop, booby dooby doop cause I'm branded for live
i said HEY HEY!

motherfucker was a buzzsaws n bat
he went to the bathroom and he came back a man
he said hey man how's it goin solo my friend
I said flush the toilet down now south muh baby
said AAAHHHHHHHHHH I'm stayin
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