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Hello, lemme tell you this is what happens when you
hold in a too much stuff, ready? Go


And that's just the beginning...

and that's that one and there's gunna be more gas, you know what I'm saying?
I don't know if you able to hear the pee-pee right now.
My stomach is bloat up like a balloon.
Don't want to force it, want to let it come natural like.
Don't let it come before it's time ohhhhhhhh
I am now pressing my stomach as so to make it come
out more quickly.


There's still more doo-doo trapped in there, so that's not going to make the gas come out full

steam *shreeeee*(cool sound)

(longest fart)

I don't need to even comment on that one..
I just want you to say to me...how could you do even
more? Well, this just goes to show you, listen to this:

(fart x2)

I'm going to go back and listen to the first one, of the farts, they're easy
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