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When sand's close at hand
and the sea is touching me,
I feel much happier
than I've ever felt. and a long time goes by
and I'm floating in the sky.
And I wish you could be,
wish you could be here.
And if you're free, follow me
throw a pebble in my sea.
The sun will wrap you up
in a pool of gold, and lights in the night
in the night reaching neon waves of sight.
I wish you could be,
wish you could be,
wish you could be here.
The sun, the sand, the sea are waiting
on the corner. Take a trip out here.
Hustle, bustle, shove and fuss
will greet you if you stay there.
I'm without a care.
Fresh fruit and sea fish,
are in abundance here.
But they don't allow
the natives at your door
selling booze
smuggled from another shore.
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