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The Day Before

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I find my life as a mosaic of misunderstanding
Broken by myself, recollected by you
I´d like to talk to God, but I´m out of luck,
He´s not pickin´ up the phone

Not today, this week, the month, the long years
What is this all about? I whish I could end this
I wrote a letter again, but this time I´m gonna send it!
Not as the day before

I am going to send it this time
Not as the day before!

Even the lonely darkness is better than this
To hell with Sun, to hell with you
If it means to go through all that shit
Than I say: Fuck you and fuck everyone too!

I guess I will never find a peace in my soul
never bring a light back to my days
I might still yell at the wall
It never helps, anyway

Too many times I have tried to let it go
It always finds the way back home
Home, into my hands, but I can´t anymore
Not as the day before

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