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Texty písní Soundtrack - Chipmunkové a chipettky (2007) Alvin a chipmunkové-thank you

Alvin a chipmunkové-thank you

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I wanna theankyou, for givin me, everything,
that I ever dreamed, I wanna tell you, whatcha mean
to, how you made me feel, like a family.

So now I sing
A song to you
To let you now
I'm so thankful


Oh yeah!

Your in my heart
You give me all the love I need
Oh, your my everything
My everything
Your in my soul
You give me strength to live my dreams
Oh, your my everything make me sing.

Well I was lost once, but now I'm found,
you took my hand, and never let me down,
I wanna tell you, whattcha mean to me, how
you made me feel, like a family.

So now I sing
A song to you
To let you know
I'm so thankful



Mother, father, sister, brother,
Simon, Theodore, Alvin, Gotta love'em
That's what you call a family


Oh, every time I hear this song
makes me wanna shed a tear cause
I'm sick of remenese over the ones
who ain't here, makes you wanna call
ya brother or ya mother say ya love'em
So please do me that favor next time you
see 'em just hug 'em, and if it's kind'a
Hard to do that I understand cause unfor-
anitley thinghs don't always go as planed
I know that if you can you should take them by the hand
Look them in the eye and say you made me who I am



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