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What can you believe?
And what do you tell yourself to get some sleep
The human disease
Yeah we'll believe anything to get relief
You can't wish it away
The little things that we tell
Ourselves day after day
To find some escape
And deny all the problems we don't wanna face
And you know that it's true
That we're all believing
The words that we use
To define our lives
We can't face the truth
So we wear a disguise
And you can't deny
That we're all believing - lies
What's hiding under your bed?
Is it more of the stuff
You make up in your head
And do you just pretend
That you have all the answers
When nothing makes sense
Can you show me some proof?
For all the things you believe
When you don't have a clue
It's the human excuse
To buy into the stories
That sound good to you
It's only ourselves we're deceiving
You better believe it
We're all believing lies
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