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The Ruby Ring Man

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In my wet dog sky of blue I can see you at the gate
In the red eye dawning dew where you always sit and wait
For the passing of the broken heart parade

I would kiss the devils cheek to get this halo off of me
And in my twisted after life you would be my family tree
And we'll both walk around with our tails between our legs

We could rattle our pans at the gate my dear
But the ruby ring man doesn't know we're here
I thought he knew my name
Strange he wouldn't even look my way

Someone got their fingerprints on my happy ending song
Christ and all his ruby rings told me I should hang it up
Because I lie so well I even start to buy it too
I lie so well I even start to buy it too

And when the trumpets swing my ears start to bleed
I'm hanging upside down in a famous dream
I see so many things
The colors new and beautiful to me
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