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The Jealous Sun

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Awaken my soul and open my eyes. Show me the journey and feed my mind. Take me away to lands of green. Forever falling through Gods black veil. Darker spirits than this, have fallen past my eyes. Even through this twilight, my smile lies to me. I can smell the scent of dark and cold winters frost. Deeper in the void we look searching for a golden glance. The jealous Sun is burning for me. So many years my heaven has wept. 25 winters of mourn. In darkness I reach out for light Sighs from above rain down on me. Pitiful heart always alon.e Face down I lay, I'm forced to lick the earth. Cold rain drops far, covering me, soothing my pain. Swelling eyes, fill with blood, blinding me, visions of red. Bitter sweet, taste of life, broken man, I spit on your gift.
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