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Quantity Is Their Quality

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I do not know the American Gentlemen.
God forgive me for putting such words together. Undone you're no different than all the rest, a life full of greed with no heart in your chest.

Full to your throats you cry out STARVATION! Oh what a joke and waste of creation. You are the only one to blame for all the choices you made.

I'll lower your body down into an open grave and let the vultures have their way with you. We'll take you by surprise and spill you're blood like wine. Scarlet stains upon the flesh will end the night.

Rest you're head and soon you will find,
beauty is young and will die in time.

When i look out my window, I see a nation filled with disgrace, all the thieves and the liars, and you're there with a smirk on you're face.

Everything you say rings hallow, but you will tell your stories again and again. Sell your half truths with a smile. Take and inject it, inject it!

You think we don't know a thing. But I can see straight through you. You think that we believe everything that you say. My God, things aren't looking good.

Now the tables have turned,
and you see this for what it really is.

It all seems so out of place.
We think that we're safe right here
and let you mismanage it all.
For once now i see it so clear.
Don't even try to run because
you will find that we are not blind
and we're not amused.
So that this is just the way that it goes
but everyone knows.

In the background:
(Looks like you got it all figured out, Brave form a distance for everyone to marvel and applaud at the sound. These lines were drawn for you're days on end, so get out of focus and blend in. Failure is what you've become. You're a failure, Failure!)
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