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Autumn Anguish

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Autumn is here again
Summer is gone here comes the rain
The clouds linger on tighter
Day's are shorter and less brighter
Sitting alone with cold winds raging
December depression descends

Light the candles to keep the dark away
Obeying the anguish to fade
I wish I had someone here to stay
In this cold embrace of earth I wish to lay

Blurry thoughts of suicide
Pierce my head sleeping so sweet
Death will greet me so warm, be my guider

I seek the legions of sorrow
We all know there will be no tomorrow
So many of me has died
Cold winds of loneliness I ride

A soft voice of fear speaks in me
Why should you live you don't need to be
Trees are naked and my soul so cold
No need to be afraid, I've been told

A rook I hear far truly die at last
Existing is an excuse
Deep in my haert so red
Everybody want's to die
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