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Jamie O'Neal - Like A Woman

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Sometimes I think about the way it was,
When we fell in love.
Things were different then
Innocent and wide open,
Free and beautiful
I want to feel like that again
But somewhere along the journey
I lost a part of me
And I know you can help me get it back
Yeah help me get it back

Baby lay me down on our bed
Touch my body like only you can
Kiss me softly,
Take away my breath
Slow it down and make it real
Cause tonight I want to feel
Like a woman.

You’re the one who really gets me

Honey let me,
Feel the fire in your hands
I know you can keep me burning
Feel the yearning
Cause you’re still my only man
Give me all that I can handle
Light a candle
Only you can bring me back to life
Oh I need you tonight


Like a woman touched for the first time
Like a flower that blooms in the sunshine
I need to feel your love inside of me


Like a woman
Like a woman


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