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What a great day

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What A Great Day
Words and music by Jamison Statema
© 2004 Found Free Music (ASCAP) Administered by Fun Attic Music
Verse 1

You won’t believe what I did today
I ate twenty pizzas and starred in a play
And when that was done I painted a painting
And when it was gazed upon people were fainting
Why they were fainting’s a mystery to me
But all this took place in the middle of the sea
You see I was cruising on my uncle’s yacht
How was the weather? Oh man, I forgot.
But one thing I know that I won’t forget
Is I took great pride in feeding my pet
My pet was a monkey and his name was Carl
And he sang like Elvis and made his lip snarl

Verse 2
It was an incredible site to be seen
And all this took place by 11:15
When lunchtime came by we had 30 burritos
And then I made friends with some giant mosquitos
They were so nice they now are my friends
They gave me a gift - a mercedes benz

Verse 3
Later that day after hours of singing
Filling my head was a loud clanky ringing
Ringing and Dinging and Clanging at me
Tell me oh tell me oh what could it be?
And when I found out I just wanted to scream
My awesome adventure was all just a dream
Oh the humanity, Oh what a shock
Excuse me while I turn off my alarm clock!
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