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Verse 1
Special edition, one of a kind
Look in the mirror and that's what you'll find
God had a plan when He made you
And now it's time to follow it through

Did you know you're a superstar?
You'll never know how far
You can get from where you are
'Cuz your're a superstar
You don't have to play guitar
Or drive a fancy car
God loves you the way you are
To Him you're a superstar

Verse 2
Distinctly irreplaceable
Nobody else could be like you
Uniquiely individual
God loves to watch the things that you do

Na na na na na na

Verse 3
Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together
'Cuz guess what? The star is you
The curtain's up. The lights are down
We're all wondering whatcha gonna do?
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