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Planes, phones, microwaves

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Words and music by Jamison J. Statema
© 2003 Found Free Music (ASCAP)

Administered by Fun Attic Music
I’m sittin’ in the plane as it flies up in the air
How does it do that?
I don’t know and I really don’t care
As long as when I’m in it, It stays up there
I wonder how the plane gets in the air

These are the mysteries I don’t understand
Thank You Lord for the people who can
So everyday it’s off to school I go
‘Cuz the more I can learn, The more things I will know
Talkin’ on the phone listenin’ to my grandma Sue
Can she hear you?
Absolutely, I know it to be true
‘Cuz if I ask her really nicely
She’ll send me a buck or two
But how the phone works, I don’t have a clue

I don’t get it -no, I just don’t get it
It doesn’t make sense to me
I don’t get it -no, I just don’t get it
My brain can’t comprehend what my little ojos see
I crank up the microwave and it heats up all my food
How does it do that?
I don’t know, and I don’t mean to be crude
But I know it’s hot in there
‘Cuz once I melted my new shoes
The microwave is fast when it cooks food – and Nikes
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