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Hard To Be Cool (In A Minivan)

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Sittin’ at a red light, down around Sunset
A girl pulled up beside me in a candy-apple red Corvette
She pulled down her shades, gave me a wink
I gave her a little smile back
Then she laughed as she hit the gas
And I remembered where I was at

(‘Cause) It’s hard to be cool when you’re behind the wheel
Of an eight passenger automobile
In a big bubble, cruisin’ down the street
With Barney blarin’ and a baby seat
Hey it can be done, but I’m tellin’ you man
It’s hard to be cool in a minivan.

I used to have a souped-up hotrod,
Man I spared no costs
284, four-on-the-floor, headers and dual-exhaust
About the time the family came, well, that’s the first thing that went
The preacher said, “for better or worse,”
Now I know just what he meant


Now, I wouldn’t change my life a bit
I’m a lucky man I know
Just wish my wife and kids could fit
In a ’67 GTO.

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