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Get out from you

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You know this song is only for you
but I will have to get through
this very sticky time

this song is only think I can do
to get out from you
with you I don´t feel fine

You are permanentely talking shit
and you´re boring a bit
and I can´t deal with it

You are acting like a five years old kid
giving me hit after hit
worse girl I couldn´t meet

R.: I´m gonna get out from you
It´s only think that I can do

So you have finally forsaken me
suddenly I can feel
taste of liberty

but that liberty´s like crushing weight
alone I can´t it take
and I will need a break

But after long time It will be ok
and then will come a day
we can find a way

we´ll be able to speak again
without any pain
but I´ll be only friend
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