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Quiet Chaos

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I'm lost, confused, don't know which way to choose
I stand alone by the crossroad of my own
My strength is small, all my weakness takes its toll
No sense, gone blind, nothing but fuzz inside my mind

The time has come to find what I'll become
Who knows what's right?
Which way leads to my life?

There is nothing that I fear
Except the voices that I hear
Inside of me, inside of me

Quiet Chaos
Quiet Chaos

Belief in truth is harder than to choose
To live and learn when every stone is left unturned
The ground's shaking, my ivory tower's breaking
There's light, now dark, the sacred things tear me apart

All the demons in my head
Screams for a lifetime and for death
Silently and violently

Quiet Chaos
Quiet Chaos
Quiet Chaos
Quiet… Chaos

There's nothing that I fear
Except my demons being near
Inside of me, surrounding me

Quiet Chaos
Quiet Chaos
Quiet Chaos
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