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Catholic Girls

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Little catholic girls,
They always turn my head.
There's a high school on the corner
That keeps my fetish fed.
Everyday at three
I sit outside and watch.
Praying for kite weather
To flash those polka-dots.
They got the bleach blonde haircuts
And their plaid skirts on,
Button-up blouses
And their satchels on
And I love...
(Little Catholic Girls)
To see 'em is a pleasure
'Cause I love,
(Little Catholic Girls)
You know I'll always treasure,
I love,
(Little Catholic Girls)

See the catholic girls,
They always make me smile.
Pig-tails in the school yard,
They're hungry in the wild.
Where innocence is lost
They live from day to day.
Try to never touch one
But I can't turn away.
I wanna kiss their faces,
Wanna squeeze 'em tight,
They drive me crazy
In my sleep at night,
How I love...

Repeat Chorus.

Knock me over
With their saddle shoes,
You're hailing mary,
Babe I'm hailing you.
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