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Cutting wind, Reign of terror
Collapse of ministries, Rome's destined to fall
Opened gateway to the inevitable Never,
May your dreams come true behind this door

The greatest creatures - wretched worms...
When Reality ends under insanity crust,
It turned holy water in acid, into solid stone,
Tired creators breath in disgust

I know what no one knows
I can see what no one sees

Voices of prophets of past ages
Spin around in wild orgies of storm
Dead cities turn into coffins and cages
For those who perished, for those who alive, for stillborns

Devoured by yourselves, choked with tears
Under the blackened, weeping skies
Giants are brought to their knees, await mesmerised...
The fatal defeat in the glimmer of the dead
Children's eyes

Never again
A gleam of hope will flow to sunrise
Our souls will never escape from this poisoned paradise
Never again
Shadows fall,
We're echoes in the endless
Lifeless dreams of everlasting silence
In every soul

Exodus from pitfalls at the dawn of mankind
Will scatter ashes of erased human race
The souls are gathered on the way to the other side
It has opened the jaws. Welcome to blazes
With no more reincarnations
Reaching an abyss, deep and foul
Inhale the suffering of soulless bodies invasion
As neither being born nor being destroyed

[Repeat chorus]
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