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Shut Down

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I can see the fear in your eyes
i can hear the truth in your lies
Why do you love to toy with me?
Why can't you just let me be?
All I want is for you to leave
Give me room so I can breathe

I feel the pain now, it's deep inside me
I wanna' feel life, it has escaped me
My body's changing from down deep inside
Everything I thought was real,
All turned out to be a lie

In my head now, pain is in my head now
I can feel it spinning all around now
Every day I'm wearing this stupid frown
And I know that I'm having a shut down

I feel the pain now, still deep inside me
I wanna' feel life, I wanna feel free
My body's changing, my blood is not red
Wish that I could get away,
Escape this place inside my head

[Chorus (x2)]

-(I feel the pain now still deep inside me)-
-(Won't you let me be now?)-
-(Won't you set me free now?)-

[Chorus (x3)]
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