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Yo packin' the package is the world water coming disastrous
I'm gettin' bottles of water and matches cause it's hazardous
Immaculate hate
And Montagues versus the Capulets
Rooming generations and nations are goin' at it
I'm on the frontlines of these perilous times
Confusion blinds the minds of world leaders we need a sign
A ray of hope through this dark cloud of injustice
Motherfuck this city you built out of hole and just lost it(?)
Jewel encrusted greed feeds apocalypse
Can't you see the blips on the radar
Missile hits
War strategists became the catalysts
Angry capitalists
The stock market's bastard

Gotta get it ready my body is so steady
Heart heavy from living so long in these last days
Crusades(?) itself
Gotta sellin' ourselves short
Gotta abort lifestyles and into something more

We let the mic breathe
Like to dyin' breeds
In need we feed words that breed hope
Manoeuvre past the greed indeed
We made the eagle fly
We made freedom cry by watching them try to see 'em in the eye
Fuckin' alibi
We was there
On the balcony
The shots blare
My vision was scarred
But we're still here
Something for the people y'all
Do you remember when Martin had a dream and Bobby had a regimen
The severed and the struggle's on
My thoughts are kettlin'
I gotta play the part and no other role I'm better in
Words ain't better than revolutionary medicine
I took one pill and the shit was on ever since
I'm trying to keep an open mind in the wilderness
I hold a sign 'Wisdom is War', and it's opened my
Old demise, truly are
So where's the price list
The fight opposite the whirlwind till your lifeless
Look, the game plan's to defeat the man
Fuck tryin' to beat the man
I'd have the gate seized and to freedom planned(?)
Get out the people if you're tryin to soothe the pain but if not, move over cause I'm tryin to see change, (for real)

It's the raven that never came
Back to the ark hangin' out with the viper at the garden of eden that angered the God
Show who you really are
Moon eclipse and the star
But Cise won't reborn scorned by human flaws
So who is this saying that money is bliss?
Your logic will miss
You and the devil about to kiss
I dismiss motherfuckers leading our brothers through streets and gutters
Overflowing for tears for my mother's that bawl
As they witness the death of they children
Why do you lie when realize they
Fell victim to American nightmare
Daring to dream things ain't never what they seem, can we ever redeem?
Hold on to old principles and still remain sensible
Analog hardly 'came digital
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