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Angel of Sorrow

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All my memories fade away
Slowly darkness rules
My mind and my soul try to leave
So I feel lost forever more

Something grows inside my mind
It takes control by hour
I’ll lose my humanity soon
I’ve been lost forever

Lady of Darkness a black covered princess
My Angel of sorrow your kiss left a hollow
in me

Does the sunlight really hurt
It seems like cursed
How could it be so dark in me
That the daylight makes me flee

Since my angel is kissed me well
I feel a strength inside
That raises me up to the night
I know it is forever

Nothing is real but the hunger I feel inside
Now I need blood to survive hunting for
Human life



On black wings I’m flying humanity’s dying
With red eyes I’m searching for blood under
Warm skin

Angel of sorrow...


An angel of sorrow that’s me
that’s me...
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