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Better On The Floor

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I've been down here for an hour,
Thinking how long does it take
For a girl to get a shower and touch up her pretty face
And pick out some clothes
And slip her champagne toes in some sexy high heeled shoes
Then you hit those steps and you took my breath
Oh my God girl look at you.
Might as well just stop right there,
Walk right back up those stairs.

After seeing you, got a change in plans.
So much for plans.
Baby, pull your hair around,
Let me help you zip back down.
Just let it fall right where you stand
Oh, man, oh, man
That dress looks good on you for sure,
But even better on the floor

Had a table on the water, now I don't even care
Nothing even matters
After I caught a glimpse of you up there
Love to show you off,
Watch you drop some jaws, hanging on my arm
And the way you look now,
Girl I got some doubts we'll even make it to the car



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