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Childs Play

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we walked on out to the tip of the sound
and we rolled in the surf like seals there
and she sang songs to the dolphins and whales
that move through the deep waters
we ran and laughed to tumble over each other
sprawl in the long grass
and you kissed my hand
and I wept like I was in heaven

Tremayne was born on the fifth of July
and she grew like a wild flower
and plays with love as a dangerous thing
runs deep as the still water
she runs, she laughs, she twists inside
of herself to land where she ought to
‘cause from on your back
you can see straight up into heaven
and it’s child’s play

New York in fall and Paris in the springtime
all the different places we can go
revolving like the backdrop to the show
“if i couldn’t live without you”
to be standing in the places that i didn’t wanna go
looking at the faces i never thought i’d know
the clearing of the lines for her to step into
thinking of the things that it might mean to you

you can walk on out to the tip of the sound
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