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A Start

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Rats, monkeys, mice - teach ' em little tricks
Stay far from creativity, and from politics
'Cause the multinationals need a solid work force
Or their growing profit margins will be wiped out at the source

Conform to the status quo, set rules
Hold your mind into their fucking tool

Reciting back their facts and numbers - that don't make you smart
There's much more to intelligence - and thinking for yourself would be a start
It would be a start...

Pledge allegiance to a flag of which you're taught no history
Not Mexico, Granada, Panama, or middle east
But they're just a mere fraction of this country's shady past
Skeletons locked in the closet and i doubt they'll be the last
"National interest, " defined for you...
But who's it really serve? who's getting screwed?

Your prison warden is your school
Training you to be a social screw
Stage a jailbreak, swim against the flow
Show those motherfuckers what you know!

I feel like I am suffocating
I feel my life depreciating
I know their teachings are riddled with lies, distortions, shit!
It kills me knowing the masses are so brainwashed by it - brainwashed by it!
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