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The Shining

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I just cannot cope with it anymore
Something is missing
My old faith is dead
I know you want some more force-fed hatred
And I'm gonna fill you up with a kiss

I found my redemption
I'm OD'd and there is no more entertainment
And now the scene is so utterly dead

I failed
You won
My sin was pride
Excuse me my friends
I have to cast all aside

I have to clean up
Face the serpent's eyes
My life has been so fuckin deadly fake
Guess it is a fine day to bow out with grace
And at least angels are fading away

Suicide religion
"And I hate myself, you know I hate you all"
Some time ago I'd have to write this down
Guess we know it all along

The light was shining in darkness
And darkness couldn't seize it
The light is shut in darkness
It's the shining
The shining

Je ne suis pas des vôtres
Et ce monde n'est pas mien

Reste l'ennui, reste l'orage
Reste la fraîcheur du soir
Et le droit éternel de rester immobile
Dans le temps suspendu

I don't want to hold this cross anymore
I'm bored to death
I'm abused and confused
And I guess that's how you want me to feel
Shall save my soul and leave it all behind
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