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Train That Stole My Man

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My Daddy was a rounder
Had to make himself some change
Climbed down off the mountain
Shaved his head and caught a train
But I keep my skillet greasy
Keep my lamp trimmed 'n' low
My weary feet, these floors I walk
But why I'll never know
And I hear echoes of his heart
Beating back from distant lands
And I hear the lonesome whistle
Of that train that stole my man

And I cuddle to my child
Teach him to bear the shame
To take the blows
That choose the frows and
Earn an honest name
But money's running low, you know?
No friends to help me through
Just one last thing I can sell
And that will have to do
But I feel hunger in my sunken cheeks
In the tremble of my hand
And I feel the rumblin' of the wheels
Of that train that stole my man

My mind just takes to ramblin'
As the day goes walkin' west
And Magnus comes a-crawlin'
Through that hole inside my breast
And sorrow sings the simple song
That screams the whole night through
A melody of him and me
That never rang so true
And I see dark clouds on the rise
And I see midgets in the sand
They paint my sight with visions
Of that train that stole my man

And I dreamt I found his crossroads
In the land of sticks and stones
Where the peggy worries of the heart
Are worries so unknown
He took me in his arms, you know
And tied me to his side
Caught that first wind off the hills
And further we did ride
Well I felt his touch upon my breast
That unforgiving hand
But when I woke, could smell the smoke
Of that train that stole my man

Now the wind runs through my skin
And the rain runs through my eyes
Can't find no ground to hold my feet
Lord knows how hard I tries!
For come the dawn, I'll clean my teeth
And powder up my chest
Take off this faded apron, babe
And put on my Sunday best
To bind the strings to fix my heart
I'm gonna look to holy lands
And lay my back down on the track
Of that train that stole my man
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