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Texty písní Soundtrack - Raftaci We all-Dan Bárta

We all-Dan Bárta

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We all + 2x riff

We all, we will go to the beach
to lay on your hair now
We know, that we'll do this trick well
tiger tawn is stayin around - there's no high
We all, as honey as folk
don't stay out of your life - completely foolish

days are too long in the face of a glory
staying wonder and standing wierd
days that downs, flying that number
days there're not my freaking prison - no - no

no stage for all
no place for worries
faith is I am being the luxury

place for home
place that one peace
dont say to me what your fools mean


When lumb .. when I see you in him side by side
and I need when you're alone seeing you looking so happy
girl, I have no protection but I see you sleeping to the night
and unless I couldn't fuck my way could be too heavy


We all, we will go to the beach
to lay on your hair now


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