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I Dont Need a Soul

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I listen to the sirens as they sing me back to sleep
I pray that no one's seriously hurt
It feels like everything is dying at the pivot point of me
I listen to the sirens tell me things could still be worse

Cause if you close your eyes and listen close
You can hear the chapter close
And its already bound and better closed
And you like the way this story goes
Cause the sun still burns the shadows out
And there's nothing to complain about now

Cause if this was our destiny I'd treasure the fact
{ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/r/relient-k-lyrics/i-don_t-need-a-soul-lyrics.html }
And I'd give you whats left of me if I'd held back

But I don't need a soul
No I don't need a soul to hold
Without you I'm still whole
You and life remain beautiful

Departing from the hospital
Ill news shows on your face too well
You're trying not to cough at all it hurts
All options are exhausted all your numbered days are numbered small
I miss you now
I loved you
And I know things could still be worse
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