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The Whisper Of Men

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Now it's time to live your no-life
Rotten trace with a rotten face
Your body is mine,
Corrupted dreams,
'cause you feel the cold
And you can't die (again)
I see the horror in your eyes
Malefic fears evoked in pain.
"The unknown haze release a place,
Eternal peace will be your care"
For a voice, bringer of laments
For a sign that holds me out of here.
Come to me to be my shrine
Perfect fate alive in you
Cry with me, be my judge
'Cause you are me, and I'm in you.
Walking in death
Laughs creeping through your sight
Live like a ghost,
Dream like a man.
Feeling the night and the light
Raise your carnal side
You are not alive
Now it's time to live my no-life.
My rotten trace is my only way.
My body is drawn of corrupted dreams
I feel the cold and I wish to live again.
The Time is shedding lives
But it's ousted from this side.
The light is gone.
The winds don't talk.
My worlds dethrone.
The horror is drawing to a close.
The pain embraces my solitude.
The unknown haze, release a place
And hear... the whisper of men.
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