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Frozen Hell

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Part I - Hell inside

Now I feel insane standing here
without a failure, without a fear in me
Everlasting change is a miracle
Now I want its part
Bringing to the end the old chronicle
I won't be there...

Frozen hell, frozen land
Freezin' days, freezin' nights

It's the same old mind
It's the same cruel time
I'm breaking down

It's the same loud call
of the frozen hell
sounding all the time

Now I feel regret sitting here
without the future, without the past behind
Overflowing heart this is all I've got
I won't take the time
Prison of the mind is breakin' apart
It's time to leave

Frozen hell, frozen land
Ereezin' days, freezin' nights

Now I feel profane lying here
without the funeral, without the grave for me.
Everybody says that I cannot die
One more chance for you!
Get up on your feet, it's no time to cry!
One aim is there!

Part II - The last journey

Part III - The walls

So many years, they're all the same
they can't remember me
Like open book without the page
It's like it used to be

So many things I've done before
So many things forgotten
I cannot write this book no more
The memory It's all I've got

Standing right behind the wall
waiting for the sign
It's a place where I can go
Please recognize my Kind

So many years have passed
I need another shell
Please recognize me God
I walked in frozen hell
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