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Mister Gone

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You feel a tap upon your shoulder

Turn around, there's no one there

Is your mind just getting older?

Are you whispering a prayer?

When you feel you're someone else,

In the cloud all by yourself

Love, choice, and destiny

Knocked on your door

You were gone

Sold your world to keep it free

Are you lonely tonight, Mister Gone?

Twist your heart up over nothing

Your will is working double time

Intuition has misled you

She's polite but so unkind

Where's your love

Where's your life?

Get your head out of the sand

Free your mind

Free your soul

An open heart will understand


Come on, everything is cool...


Oh...yeah we need love

Ah, yeah we gotta make a change


Lose your personality

When all of your rights turn to wrong

Blinded by the things you see

Are you lonely tonight Mister Gone?

Mister Gone...
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