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Destroying Everything

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When I look in the mirror
I know not who I see
It's hopeless, I'm Hopeless
But i'm not sorry for what that i've done
They had it coming, we all die someday.

I do what the voices tell me to do

It's always easier to kill
when your already dead inside
lock me up
cause i've lost my fucking mind

Rock back and forth, it kills me, it thrills me
Rock back and forth, to see you dead

Destroying everything
I'm Bathing in your blood
(destroy everything, destroy everything)
And when you try
There will be noone to hear you scream
reach out to me

When i killed them all
they begged for life but i took it away
Now here i am
scratching all the paint off the walls again

The rain is a welcoming promise
that tomorrow will be worse
Than today and forever
we'll sing forever

please give me something to believe in
i feel as if my minds slipping
i can't help feeling my life's going to end

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god what the fuck have i done?
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