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We've had our share of glory
We've had our day in the sun
Oh this could be, oh this could be

We've reached the stars and garden
Fell from grace and asked for more
Oh this could be, oh this could be

I got married cos you should
We both knew we should
You do at our age

This stage of our career
Things get tight
A ring helps get a mortgage

To move out of daddy's home
Get a bigger car
Easy access to the city

I can read the papers in peace
And laugh at the homeless
I know my friends criticise

But we get by okay
So what if there's no emotion
We can wake up anywhere

There's never a row
No time for a kiss
When you've got schedules to meet
Trivialities seem so cheap

This is above love
This is more than real
This is all there is
This is as good as it gets
Intense morality parades
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