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I Like Pretending

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Your silver skin crawls in rhythm, sweats like spring
It turns me to the deathwish

And all my epiphanies that branded me and broke my knees
confirms me into the deathwish

Misfits for free, the gravity, pure expression
Tears and pulls them into the deathwish

And all our accessories that concentrate the pain and tears
Embrace them with the deathwish

Are we pretending
'cos I like pretending

Are we machines, obsolete, alone
with symbiotic self-indulgence

And if we dig deep the circutry burnt out,
bends into erotic repetition

Your silver skin soothes my aching curses
and reminds me that you're worth it

The whole worlds insanities, the bleeding hearts and tragedies
won't distract me from the deathwish

Are we pretending
'cos I like pretending
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