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Up And Gone

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intro: staring at the white above. can't tell if i'm alive or am i dead. or
is it in my head? where'd i go wrong?

verse 1: staring at the white above one day i closed my eyes and here i am.
a cold unhappy man. i've come to realize the life i have i hate. the pulse i
need is slowly fading until i've lost it all. i've been waiting for an
inspiration. for a chance i never got to take. before it's much too late.
where'd i go wrong?

chorus: where's the boy that used to run? could it be he's up and gone away?
he seems so far away. and all the things i could have done. could it be
they've up and gone away? they seem so far away.

verse 2: it feels as if the boy in me has left and been replaced with a
cheap and bitter imposter of myself. i must find the one that used to be.
approach him slow don't be afraid to say, "can he come out and play?"
where'd i go wrong?
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