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Calling My Name

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how many times do ve gone against ur will and u forgive me but yet i still turn around and do d things d things i shouldn't do cos i belong 2 u and i knw u will come thru lord i knw i take advantage of ur grace here in this christain race o lord ve sin but u still calling my name. vs 2: how many time would take 4 me 2 luv dat is only in ur will dat i'll ever learn i'll ever learn my lives reward d honor do to me oh live eternally riches in glory lord i.....i knw i knw i dont belong wit u cos ve done wrng oh...... but yet i still hear u calling my name.yeah/2ce chorus: calling my name 2 come into ur arm 2 be save from fear and harm knowing this but i still choose 2 go my way then u still say, u say that i am here u he'll supply all ur need oh lord ve sin but u still calling my name.(repeatedly)


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