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Creations of the Underworld

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They hate my ass
'Cause I try to oppose
I'm hooked and ready to die
Sacrifice - I'm in pain
I use my fists
To smash their might
A brutal way of progression
Destruction is my mental release
[Chorus:] Creations of the underworld
Sonic mayhem of damnation
Creations of the underworld
Tortured minds - sacrifice
The battlefield of grief
Brings up my anger
My brain is a dark cave
Full of evil breeding thoughts!
[Repeat chorus]
Die! I'm the punk of the abandoned
Die! I'm hooked and ready to kill
Die! I bring you a hell of a mess
Die! An eye for an eye
Die! Under siege of madness
Die! I bring you a hell of a mess
Die! Discipline is my weapon
Die! Sentence of death
[Repeat chorus]
Creations of the underworld
Creations of the underworld


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