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You've Got Me

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The safest way is never the best
so we took a chance and risked our necks
now that were here and still going strong
i want you to know ill be here from now on

Never again
will You have to fear
The empty space
that pulled on your tears

Never again will you have to hear
the silence that
constantly played your ears

Youve got me
you always will
no matter the moment
when time stands still
and as hopeless as it sounds
my feet still havent touched the ground

Youve got me
From this day on
id fight for the chance
but its already gone
even when the storms come through
Ill never leave cus ive got you

Every day that i wake up a mess
You find a way to pull out the best
If theres ever a moment that something feels wrong
you hold my hand and there again im back where i belong

Never again
will i have to see
another day of the same
aimless wandering

never again
will i have to try
to fall asleep
while i ask myself why


LOVE never dies
can you hear the angels cry
Ive Got YOU

HOLD on for the ride
And scream it to the sky
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